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Icons From Another Time

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Just another icon journal.

Icons at this journal consist mostly of classic movie stars, hence the "m," and the Beatles, hence the "b."

My icons are generally very simple and uncluttered. I don't like tons of text/effects/frames/brushes (I don't have Photoshop anyway, so even if I did like using that stuff, I couldn't). I prefer to let the photographs speak for themselves...most of the time.

If you are searching for an icon of a particular person, check in the memories first. I have archived all the entries there, labelling them with at least three of the people featured in the entry. The names are alphabetical by last name. If you can't find what you're looking for, try the tags that can be found on the journal entries themselves since the number of tags I can attach to an entry are limitless.

Feel free to friend me! I can't guarantee I'll friend you back since I don't check my list that often, but if you want me to just leave a comment somewhere.

+ Comment.
+ Credit. It's just the right thing to do, folks.
+ No hotlinking.
+ Since my stuff is generally so simple, feel free to modify. But please leave a comment if you do.

Here's how to credit:

+ July 2, 2006: first place at retro_challenge for Barbara Stanwyck icon.
+ August 13, 2006: second place at retro_challenge for Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy icon.